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We interviewed the company Directors to find out whether they are human - here's what they had to say for themselves:

Neil Franklin

What is your proudest personal achievement? Wearing out my knee sliders during a track day at Silverstone…, seriously, it has to be the birth of our two sons.

What is your proudest professional achievement? Completing the management buy-out here in 2004 with my two board colleagues, which almost exactly coincided with the 25th anniversary of my starting work

Are there any embarrassing or funny moments in your life you'd like to share? Pushing my motorcycle home almost 5 miles believing it to have run out of petrol, only to watch my father turn the fuel tap on and start it first time.

Do you have a life motto? Question everything!


Peter Cutler

What is your proudest personal achievement? My 3 children.

What is your proudest professional achievement? Seeing CKIC reach it's 25th Anniversary in 2008 which, back in 1988 when I joined the company, looked about as likely as Millwall getting to the FA Cup Final (which they finally did in 2004 by the way).

Are there any embarrassing or funny moments in your life you'd like to share? Lots involving keys, goats, a famous client and cacti, plus many more...

What's your idea of a good night in/out? Month end accounting with a Chinese take-away??

Do you have a life motto? Something my Dad drummed into me when I was a child - "If a jobs worth doing, it's worth doing well".


Alison Acland

What is your proudest personal achievement? Does playing a weed in the school play count? If not, it's my involvement as a Trustee of a charity helping AIDS orphans in South America.

Are there any embarrassing or funny moments in your life you'd like to share? Unlucky things happen to me with cars.... a tractor hit my brand new Beetle within 6 weeks of ownership (first new car I had ever owned!). Then a wall fell on our brand new Audi within 8 days of ownership (2nd new car I had ever owned!). Neither of these were my fault, but more historically I managed to damage a borrowed company car with my own car on my driveway – Insurers for both vehicles were the same company – that was a very embarrassing phone call!!

What do you enjoy most about your job? The diversity - dealing with internal HR/operational issues as well as the wider direction, strategy and business planning for the company.



1983 - Chris Knott Insurance founded.

1993 - Incorporation as a Limited company.

2001 - Chris Knott Insurance acquires the client bank of Brighton based Sovereign Insurance Services. This acquisition gives Chris Knott Insurance its first taste of Church & Charity Insurance – something that continues to be an area of focus today.

2002 -  the company is approached by Buckinghamshire brokers Westbury Insurance Services with a view to sale. This purchase sees Neil Franklin join the Chris Knott board.

Later that same year, Chris Knott Insurance becomes aware of another broker who is looking to sell. Nicklin Insurance is purchased in 2002, consolidating Chris Knott’s local client business.

2003 - The client bank of disability specialist, En Route Insurance, is acquired and Chris Knott Insurance retains the brand.

2004 - Chris Knott himself is becoming more and more involved in charitable work in Malawi and he decides to devote himself 100% to his charity. The remaining board members, Alison Acland, Peter Cutler and Neil Franklin, purchase the business in a Management Buy-Out.

2010 - Chris Knott Insurance moves to larger, more modern premises in Hastings. With a staff of over 30, the company seeks to grow its client base and encourage existing clients to bring additional policies.

From a starting point offering schemes to Car Owners Clubs, the emphasis has always been on providing tailored insurance solutions to affinity groups. By focusing on niche markets, Chris Knott Insurance has built some very worthwhile schemes, backed by some of the UK's leading Insurers and Lloyds Syndicates

With a commitment to individual service, treating customers fairly and ensuring high client retention it is no wonder that Chris Knott Insurance is the 'Broker of Choice' for so many.


Our Vision, Mission & Values

It is our vision to be a respected and successful key player in affinity group & niche-sectors.

Our mission is to achieve our vision through mutually valuable & sustainable partnerships; by creating innovative means of income; offering benefits, service & support to partner-members; and in full compliance with our legal obligations.

We value an ethical approach, personal service; the acquisition and application of both general and specialist insurance knowledge; and we genuinely have empathy with clients and partners alike.


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Chris Knott Insurance is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA Register No: 304452). Registered in England & Wales No. 2811031.
Registered address: 5th Floor, Cavendish House, Breeds Place, Hastings, East Sussex, TN34 3AA.