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Tailored business protection for hairdressers, hair stylists and salons

Hairdressing Insurance is a vital consideration for both hair salons and self-employed hairdressers, stylists and colourists. Working with Chris Knott Insurance, you can rest assured that you will have exactly the right cover for your individual needs. Our friendly team will get to know you, what you do and how you do it to arrange protection for the specific risks you face. 

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Hairdressing Insurance FAQs

Do hairdressers need insurance?

The only insurance hairdressers are required to have by law is Employers’ Liability Insurance. However, this is only needed if you have employees. All other policies are optional.

That said, Public Liability Insurance gives you peace of mind that you can defend yourself against claims of injury, damage or ill health from members of the public. In addition, protection for expensive stock and equipment can be useful in case of theft or loss.

But it’s not just you that benefits. Your clients are likely to be reassured that you have appropriate insurance. Not only does it demonstrate that you take your business seriously, but it also shows that you can rectify a situation if something goes wrong.

What insurance does a hairdresser need?

If you work for a hair salon, your employer will arrange insurance for the business. However, if you’re self-employed, you will need to put your own protection in place. 

At the bare minimum, we recommend arranging Public Liability Insurance for hairdressers. In the event that you cause someone harm, or damage their property in the course of providing your service, the insurance will help you to defend a claim or cover any compensation if you are found liable. The third party doesn’t have to be a client; it could be a member of the public. For instance, if someone trips over a pavement sign that you placed outside your business premises. 

If you have any equipment or stock (for instance, treatments, colours or heat lamps), you may also want to protect these against loss or damage. 

If you offer hair extensions, you may want to cover yourself against the cost of things going wrong. Hair Extension Insurance may also be a key consideration for you, particularly if it factors in the chemical and glues involved in applying them.  

Running a hair salon with employees or apprentices? You will need Employer’s Liability Insurance by law. If an employee is injured, gets sick or their property is damaged while working for you, they could make a claim for compensation. This insurance allows you to defend any claims and may cover damages if you are found liable. 

If you own the premises that houses your hair salon, you’re likely to need Buildings Insurance to protect it against damage or destruction. Plus, it’s often a condition of your mortgage provider. 

How much is Hairdressing Insurance?

The price of Hairdressers Insurance will vary depending on the services you provide, how you do it and where you do it. 

For instance, self-employed hairdressers will not need the same protection as hair salons, who may need Employers’ Liability Insurance.

Do self-employed hairdressers need insurance?

Not by law, unless you employ another person within your business. However, Public Liability Insurance should be a consideration, so you can defend yourself against claims of damage, injury or ill health as a result of you conducting your work.

In addition, you might want to consider protection for your hairdressing kit and treatments.

What is the difference between Hairdressers Insurance and Salon Insurance?

Hair Salon Insurance typically covers the whole of a hairdressing business, including its premises, stock and employees as well as any of the treatments provided.

We typically refer to Hairdressers Insurance when we’re talking about policies for self-employed hairdressers and stylists. 

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