Church Insurance

Protect your church’s property and activities with tailored insurance

Church Insurance is a tailored solution that protects faith centres, such as churches, from a diverse and unique range of risks.

We know that churches are not just bricks and mortar and services on a Sunday. We understand that faith centres are responsible for a huge range of activities, services and ministries within the community, and it is this knowledge that can help us find you the right cover.

Whether you are searching for insurance for a church, temple, mosque or other faith centre, get in touch with our specialist team today to create the right policy for you.

Key benefits of choosing CKI

  • In-depth experience of the unique needs of churches and other religious denominations, from local faith centres to international organisations.
  • A FREE Church Insurance review to assess your risks and current gaps in your insurance, find solutions and provide you with a no-obligation quote.
  • Sound and impartial advice for recommendations that you can trust.
  • A dedicated contact with someone who understands you and your church.
  • First-class service that always exceeds your expectations.
  • Quick and efficient claims assistance to help you get back up and running quickly.
  • Ongoing support throughout your time with us.

 Insurance is one of those items that you know you need but would rather not pay for. We have found that UK Church Insurance makes every effort to understand our general and specific needs and then works hard to find the best solution, which keeps our costs as low as possible. This fits well with our plan of minimising expenditure – always crucial in a tough financial climate.

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Church Insurance FAQs

What is Church Insurance?

Church Insurance combines a range of insurance policies to protect the hugely diverse activities of faith centres such as churches or mosques. As unique places, church buildings, their contents and the role they play in the community mean that standard insurance policies are unlikely to provide the right level of cover.

With a tailored Church Insurance policy that includes cover such as Employers’ Liability Insurance, Religious Building Insurance and Events Insurance – as well as protection for activities including pastoral care, counselling and advice – you can rest assured that your faith centre has the right protection in place to carry out its work.

Why do we need a Church Insurance policy?

Churches, temples and other faith centres are very active in the community and carry out a huge range of operations. A ‘one size fits all’ approach could mean that you are left with gaps in your insurance, opening you up to risk and huge expenses.

Opting for a specialised Church Insurance policy reduces this risk, particularly when you work with experienced brokers such as Chris Knott Insurance because we have in-depth knowledge of the risks and solutions in this area.

What does Church Insurance cover?

Church Insurance coverage is tailored to the unique needs and activities or your church or faith centre. However, the following is likely to be useful:

  • Religious Building Insurance: If the structure of your church, temple, hall or mosque is damaged or destroyed, Religious Building Insurance will repair, replace or rebuild it.
  • Church Contents Cover: If your church’s equipment or contents are stolen or damaged, this cover will offer you financial protection.
  • Fellowship Only: If you don’t own the building in which you worship or offer services, this cover could be the perfect fit.
  • Public Liability Insurance: If a claim is made by visitors or members for injury or damage to their property, Public Liability Insurance will help to cover the costs of legal fees and damages.
  • Trustees Indemnity: This cover protects your church leadership team from claims of negligence or poor decision-making.
  • Manse Cover: This is Landlord Insurance for churches that own and rent out property.
  • Event Insurance: This cover is usually provided as standard, so if you host fundraisers, breakfast mornings, Alpha courses or any other one-off or regular event, you can be sure that you have the financial protection you need.
  • Food Bank Insurance: This cover will protect the food bank’s activities and stock. It also includes special advice for those linked to a church.
  • Employers’ Liability Insurance: Employers’ Liability Insurance will protect you if a claim is made by your employees or volunteers for injury or illness sustained while carrying out work for you.
  • Abuse Cover: If an allegation of abuse is made, this cover will provide you with financial protection.
  • Publisher’s Liability: This cover protects your websites and other publications against accusations of libel. This includes downloadable sermons or recorded CD sessions, which could be accused of slander.
  • Group Travel Insurance: This will cover non-clerical group trips, such as missionary work, by members or staff to other locations in the UK or abroad.
  • Cyber Insurance: If your church’s website, data or systems are compromised, Cyber Insurance can help cover recovery and notification costs.

Does Church Insurance apply to other faiths?

Absolutely! Our Church Insurance can cover faith centres from all religions and denominations, such as synagogues and mosques, and will be tailored to suit the exact needs and activities of your organisation in the UK or abroad.

Do churches need Employers’ Liability Insurance?

If your church or faith centre employs anyone or uses volunteers, then you need Employers’ Liability Insurance. This is a legal obligation and you will be fined if you do not have it in place.

Employers’ Liability Insurance protects you from claims by employees and volunteers should they be injured or made ill while carrying out work for your church. You can find out more about it on our dedicated webpage.

Does Church Insurance include Religious Building Insurance?

If your church or religious organisation owns the building it operates from, such as a church or mosque, then we will include Religious Building Insurance in your cover.

Religious Building Insurance will protect your property from insured events, such as fire and flooding, which cause structural damage.

If you have additional buildings that share the same address as your church, we will automatically include this property in your policy. However, if you own properties elsewhere, you will need to let us know so that we can extend your cover to include them.

How to insure a church pipe organ

A church pipe organ is an integral part of a church’s interior. It therefore needs specialist protection for damage. 

Your Church Insurance will include Contents cover. However, as many church organs are unique, historical and/or valuable, it may be better to insure it separately. 

If you need guidance on how to insure a church pipe organ, please get in touch with our knowledgeable team on 0800 917 2274.

Can we insure our church’s vehicles?

Of course!

Many faith organisations own their own vehicles, such as minibuses. We can therefore arrange the right level of Motor Fleet Insurance so that they are protected.

You can choose from Third Party Only, Third Party, Fire and Theft, or Comprehensive cover.

Are Church Halls covered too?

As a faith centre in a community, it is possible that you have an additional hall that you use to host events or get-togethers for your members. If your church hall has the same address as your church, it will automatically be included in your Religious Building Insurance policy. 

If you have halls or other church properties elsewhere, simply mention other buildings you use when getting your quote from us and we can extend your Religious Building Insurance to include them.

Does Church Insurance cover the groups that use our church?

Your Church Insurance policy will protect the activities and events that your organisation runs. However, if other groups use your faith centre’s buildings, they will need their own Public Liability Insurance in place.

How much does Church Insurance cost?

The cost of Church Insurance coverage will depend on several factors, including:

  • The rebuild cost of the property
  • The contents on the church
  • The activities you carry out
  • The number of employees and volunteers you have
  • Previous claim history

To get an accurate Church Insurance quote, speak to our knowledgeable team today.

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