Motor Insurance

Great value Car Insurance from brokers with more than 40 years’ experience

If you’re looking for a competitive Car Insurance quote, we can help. As independent Car Insurance brokers, we’ve been searching the market for great value cover since 1983, helping clients like you to arrange suitable, affordable protection with our 5-star-rated service

In fact, we helped our clients save an average of £110*, when compared to the national average premium of £635. Plus, it only takes 7.5 minutes to arrange a personalised Car Insurance quote over the phone, so why not see if we can save you money today?

Excess Protection Cover

With Chris Knott’s Motor Excess Protection you’ll get your policy excess back following a motor claim, even if you’re at fault.

Breakdown Cover

Here at Chris Knott Insurance, we can provide UK breakdown cover for all of the cars in your household, with prices starting from just £65 per vehicle. Get a quote today. 

Learner Driver Insurance

Young and New Driver Insurance

We’ve partnered with We Are Marmalade to help new and young drivers get on the road with affordable insurance protection.

Learner Driver Insurance

Learner Car Insurance

If you’re new to sitting behind the steering wheel, having some extra time on the road to practise your driving skills can be a great confidence booster. With Learner Driver Insurance, you can get on the road in a friend or family member’s car safe in the knowledge that you’re fully covered – and that you won’t affect the car owner’s no claims bonus.

Short Term Car Insurance

Short Term Car Insurance

Short Term Car Insurance is ideal for occasional drivers, learners, or those who need to make a one-off journey. It is available for both cars and vans, and is fully comprehensive for complete peace of mind.

Multi car insurance

Multi-Car Insurance

Multi-Car Insurance, or Car Collector Insurance, can be an appealing option for motor enthusiasts who have at least 1 classic or specialist car in their collection. With a Multi-Car Insurance policy, our insurance brokers can bring all of your beloved vehicles together onto a single policy with just 1 renewal date.

Performance Car Insurance

Performance Car Insurance

Performance Car Insurance is a vital consideration if you own a luxury or prestige vehicle, ensuring that you have the right protection in place should the worst happen. Whether you own an Aston Martin, Porsche, Ferrari or another high-performance car, the experienced broking team at Chris Knott Insurance will make sure you get a policy that suits your vehicle and driving habits.

Modified Car Insurance

Insurance for modified cars gives the same cover as regular insurance policies, but it also ensures that the extra modifications you’ve invested time and money into are covered. Our experienced Motor Insurance brokers are on hand to help.

Low mileage car insurance

Low Mileage Car Insurance

Limited Mileage Car Insurance takes into account the fact that you are on the road less, which means that your risk of an incident is reduced. This could mean that you are rewarded with a lower premium.

Motor Legal Protection

Motor Legal Protection is an insurance policy designed to cover your legal expenses in the event of an accident that isn’t your fault.

Agreed Value Car Insurance

While most companies only offer Agreed Value Car Insurance for classic cars, here at Chris Knott Insurance, we can arrange protection for a wide range of vehicles, including campervans, former military vehicles and everyday cars. 

Classic Car Insurance

Classic Car Insurance is essential if you want to protect your pride and joy. But it can be hard to find the best classic car insurance for your needs. As an independent car insurance broker with more than 40 years’ experience, we can tailor the perfect cherished Car Insurance package for you – and your cars – at a reasonable price.

Owners Club Insurance

Owners Club Insurance is for car club members who love their cars but want a competition-beating insurance premium. Here at Chris Knott Insurance, our insurance brokers specialise in looking after the insurance needs of the UK’s owner clubs, negotiating exclusive insurance premiums and saving you money that can be better spent on your beloved car’s upkeep.

To make sure you have the right Motor Insurance, call us on 0800 917 2274 and speak to one of our insurance brokers.

*Based on an average client premium of £525. MI data from OpenGI, 01/02/24 – 31/05/24 & ABI.

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