Allotment Association Insurance

Cover for allotments from someone who really knows their onions.

Allotment Insurance from Chris Knott has been designed with the needs of allotment associations, clubs and societies in mind. We’re proud to work hand-in-hand with the leading representative body for the UK allotment community, The National Allotment Society (NAS), in order to ensure your needs are met.

We can also arrange policies for individual plot holders. Just give us a call to find out more.

Comprehensive Allotment Insurance

Whether you’re a NAS member or not, as an allotment association, it is your duty to provide an environment that is safe for all. But what happens if a visitor is injured or their property is lost or damaged and they claim it’s your fault? Should a visitor be unfortunate enough to suffer an injury that prevented them from working, the cost could run into hundreds of thousands of pounds.

Even if a court decides you were not to blame, the cost of legal bills alone could run into thousands and may not be recoverable.

At Chris Knott Insurance, we want to ensure that if you are ever in the situation where someone looks to you for compensation, you have the right insurance cover in place to defend and manage the claim and to protect your allotment association.

Allotment Association Insurance FAQs

How do we know what we need?

Our team is on hand to guide you through the insurance process and make sure your allotment association has the right cover in place.

Working together, we’ll select the right elements and choose the level of cover that best suits your individual needs. Of course, we can advise you if you’re unsure on anything. We want you to be confident in your cover.

What does Allotment Insurance cover?

Typically, cover is for your legal liabilities i.e. for the defence, management and payment of claims made against you. However, you can also arrange protection for your buildings, equipment, cups and trophies, abandoned events and loss of money.

Here’s the full run-down…

Public Liability

Covers your association, trustees, employees, members, landlord, judges, stewards and officials in connection with the activities of the association/club/society. For the defence, management and payment of claims made against you for injury, loss or damage. Up to £10m limit.

Employer’s Liability

Up to £10 million to cover your association for the injury, death or disease of employees and volunteers. For the defence, management and payment of claims.

Victim Compensation

If you are the victim of negligence and have been unable to recoup your court award from the negligent person, this section will provide up to £250,000 in cover.

Trustees’ Indemnity

Covers your trustees for errors, acts and omissions as they carry out their not-for-profit duties. For the defence, management and payment of claims. Up to a £100,000 limit.

Buildings & Equipment

Extendable cover that pays for loss or damage to the buildings and equipment owned, hired or used by your club/association/society.

Cups & Trophies

Cover for loss or damage.

Abandoned Events

Covers you for cancellation of club-organised events due to unforeseen circumstances (exclusions may apply).

Loss of Money

Cover when taking money to the bank or when it is temporarily at the home of association, club or society officials.

What does Allotment Association Insurance cost?

We recognise that you probably don’t have access to vast sums of money – that’s exactly why you need to protect your allotment association in the first place. Thankfully, our cover is highly affordable and starts at just £66 per year. NAS members and SAGS members receive a discount.

Can you arrange insurance for allotment holders?

Yes. Not only can we arrange protection for allotment associations, but allotment holders too. They simply need to call us on 01424 205001 to arrange a quote for their plot.

How do we get an Allotment Association Insurance quote?

For peace of mind and a no-obligation quotation, please give Chris Knott Insurance a call on 01424 205001 and speak to an Allotment Insurance expert, or request a callback.

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