Motor Fleet Insurance

Save money and time with one policy for your whole fleet

Motor Fleet Insurance can be a cost-effective and time-saving solution for businesses that use two or more vehicles.

Handling multiple policies with different renewal dates and conditions can quickly become complicated and expensive, but with Motor Fleet Insurance you can add and remove vehicles and drivers from one central policy, cutting the hassle and reducing the cost as a result.

Key benefits of choosing CKI

  • Get cover for vans, HGVs, minibuses, and mobile plant and agricultural vehicles
  • Available for fleets of 2 or more vehicles
  • Specialised cover for drivers aged under 25
  • A choice of fixed drivers for fixed vehicles or ‘any driver’ policies
  • First-class service that always exceeds your expectations
  • Ongoing support throughout your time with us
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Motor Fleet Insurance FAQs

What is Motor Fleet Insurance?

Motor Fleet Insurance definition: Motor Fleet Insurance is a type of cover that incorporates multiple vehicles within your business, which can save you both time and money. A ‘fleet’ is usually defined as being two vehicles or more, and you can add and remove vehicles and drivers as you wish.

This cover can be comprehensive or extend to just Third Party Insurance, which will offer financial protection if damage is made to other road users or their cars.

All kinds of vehicles can be included in a policy, not just cars. If you have agricultural vehicles or plant vehicles, these can all be incorporated into a policy that protects your fleet.

What is covered under Fleet Insurance?

At Chris Knott Insurance, we can tailor your Motor Fleet Insurance so that it fits the vehicles and drivers in your business and offers the right level of protection for your business needs.

As a minimum, we can provide Third Party Insurance, which will provide financial protection if one of your vehicles damages another vehicle or injures a road user.

We can also offer more comprehensive cover, which will allow you to claim even if your driver is declared to be at fault. Cover can also be adapted to include legal fees and damage to windscreens and windows, among other things.

What vehicles does Motor Fleet Insurance include?

Our Motor Fleet Insurance policies can cover a whole range of vehicles. These include:

  • Vans
  • Cars
  • HGVs (Class 1, 2 & 3)
  • Mobile plant vehicles (sweepers, planers, graders, JCBs, dumpsters, etc.)
  • Agricultural vehicles
  • Minibuses

Vehicles do not have to all be of the same type to qualify for Motor Fleet Insurance. Instead, you can opt for ‘all vehicle’ policies, which can cover a range of vehicles under one policy.

Do I need Motor Fleet Insurance?

All vehicles that use public highways in the UK need Third Party Insurance at the very minimum, but if you have multiple vehicles within your business it can become difficult to juggle multiple policies and more expensive.

If you have two or more vehicles within your fleet, it can therefore be easier and more cost-effective to insure them all under one Motor Fleet Insurance policy.

How much does Fleet Insurance cost?

As with all insurances, the cost of Motor Fleet Insurance will depend on several factors, including:

  • The number of vehicles you want to insure
  • The type of vehicles to be insured
  • The claims history of your fleet and your drivers
  • The age of your drivers
  • The amount of time your drivers will spend on the road

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