Learner Driver Insurance

Comprehensive cover for those who are new to the road

If you’re new to sitting behind the steering wheel, having some extra time on the road to practise your driving skills can be a great confidence booster. With Learner Driver Insurance, you can get on the road in a friend or family member’s car safe in the knowledge that you’re fully covered – and that you won’t affect the car owner’s no claims bonus.

Key benefits of insuring with us:

  • Fully comprehensive cover
  • No impact on the owner’s no claims bonus if driving a friend or family member’s car
  • Choice of flexible short-term policies or annual cover
  • Cover for cars up to 20 years of age and valued up to £30,000 
  • Option for dash camera endorsement (provision of dash cam footage in 48 hours results in waiver of policy excess)
  • Option for supervisor endorsement (assistance to drive home after an accident or following your practical driving test)

Car Insurance For Learner Drivers FAQs

What is Car Insurance For Learner Drivers?

Learner Driver Insurance provides cover to young drivers who want to practise their driving skills while accompanied in a friend or family member’s car before passing their test. It tends to provide comprehensive cover, which means that you are covered for third party damage, fire and theft.

If something does go wrong and you do make a claim, the good news is that Learner Driver Insurance will not affect the no claims bonus of whoever owns your car.

Why do I need Insurance for Learner Drivers?

Many learners want additional time behind the wheel outside of their driving lessons so that they can practise what they have learnt and ensure that they ace their practical test. Instead of paying for expensive additional lessons, a good alternative is to hop in a friend or family member’s car. However, in order for you to drive their car, you will need to be insured.

To ensure you’re covered while you’re on the road, you can take out Insurance for Learner Drivers. This will provide you with comprehensive cover so that you can head out on accompanied drives. 

Car Insurance for Learner Drivers can also include other useful options. For instance, if you drive with a dash cam, some policies will wave aside your compulsory excess if you need to make a claim and are able to provide footage quickly. Others will offer assistance if you need to drive home after an accident or after your practical test.

Once you have passed your test, your Learner Driver Insurance will come to an end. To make these policies even more cost-effective, you can usually choose between short-term policies of varying lengths and annual policies.

What does Learner Driver Insurance cover?

Insurance For Learner Drivers will give you cover so that you can practise driving in your parents’ car or that of a friend. It is a cost-effective alternative to becoming a named driver on the owner’s policy as it provides shorter-term cover and won’t affect the car owner’s no claims bonus.

Many Learner Driver Insurance policies are fully comprehensive, which means that your insurance will cover any injury to yourself and third parties, as well as damage to your car and anyone else’s in an accident. 

It also means you can make a claim even if the accident is your fault.

To cover your driving, you will need to be accompanied by someone who is over the age of 25 and has had a valid full UK driving licence for at least 3 years.

Learner Driver Insurance can be taken out by those with a provisional driving licence aged from 17 up to 34 (for some policies). 

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How much is insurance for a learner driver?

Insurance for a learner driver can be more expensive when compared to the premiums charged to older and more experienced drivers. However, there are options for keeping down the cost. For instance, you can opt for a shorter-term policy.

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