Here at Chris Knott Insurance, we love to support our staff and help them to fulfil their potential. As a result, many of our colleagues stay with us for many years. Indeed, in 2023 we are delighted to announce that several of key members of the team are now celebrating some pretty significant service milestones with us!

Growing together

Kim, Melinda, Emma, Dawn, Daryl and Simon have all been with our company for 20 years or more. Their dedicated service has helped us to grow as a business, and has been instrumental in our success since our beginnings 40 years ago.

Kim, who has been working with us since 1994, cites the fact that we have always been a fair company as a key reason for working here. “They support you all the way,” she said. “Chris Knott Insurance has also always employed good people who keep you going and keep you smiling.”

Development opportunities have been key too. For example, we provided Kim with training to become an Insurance Technician as well as funding to achieve a Cert II qualification.

All change

Of course, things have changed a lot since we first welcomed these loyal members of staff through our doors. 

Kim, for instance, began working with us in a telesales role, which is now defunct. Originally, it was her responsibility to take down customer details by hand on paper, before physically handing this over to our Insurance Technicians. In the days before computers and emails, this could be a time-consuming process! Everything also had to be sent to insurers by post, which slowed things down quite a bit.

Kim also appreciates the modern building we now occupy. She remembers our former headquarters as being “a real maze-like” building, which was also rather draughty. To save trips down the stairs, colleagues on the upper floor would send paperwork down a roughly constructed wooden chute, which worked perfectly well until something got stuck.

Highlights of 20+ years

Our longest-serving colleagues also have some fond memories of the last two decades. A particular standout includes our 25th anniversary, in which we took staff for a boat trip down the River Thames followed by a ride on the London Eye.

In previous years, potential clients used to drop by in-person to arrange their insurance too, which led to some interesting visits. Kim recalls a particular gentleman who came in regularly over several weeks to organise some Car Insurance, before it transpired that he didn’t actually have a Driving Licence (and possibly a made-up car…).

Kim also fondly remembers the many characters who have worked for us over the years, including the young man who used a former director’s errands to have a few cheeky pints at the pub while he was out, and the Filing Clerk who didn’t like going up stairs.

Saying thank you

It’s been amazing to work with Kim, Melinda, Emma, Dawn, Daryl and Simon for the last two decades. 

Commenting on their many achievements, Director Neil Franklin said: “It’s an honour to have such great colleagues choose to work with us over such a long period of time. Things have certainly changed over the last 20 years, but their dedication and hard work has remained the same. Thank you to you all!”

Why Chris Knott Insurance?

At Chris Knott Insurance, we champion the personal touch and provide you with a dedicated contact to answer all of your questions. 

If you’d like to get in touch to discuss your insurance needs, please feel free to call 0800 917 2274 and speak to one of our knowledgeable and experienced staff.