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Providing peace of mind for classic car owners

Classic Car Insurance is essential if you want to fully protect your pride and joy. But it can be hard to find the best classic car insurance for your needs. As an independent insurance broker with nearly 40 years’ experience, we can tailor the perfect cherished car insurance package for you – and your cars – at a reasonable price.

  • Option to use preferred repairer
  • 5-star rated customer service from a UK-based team
  • Agreed value and limited mileage policies available for cherished car insurance
  • Special car club/forum members scheme
  • Adequate cover with reasonable premiums

Classic Car Insurance FAQs

When does a car become a classic?

For Classic Car Insurance, the age of the vehicle may vary depending on the insurer. As a general rule, HMRC says it should be at least 15 years old and worth at least £15,000. However, here at Chris Knott, we have access to a provider who will offer insurance on cars worth upwards of £2,000.

Some consider iconic brands (Mini, Jaguar, Mazda MX5s) as classics. But each insurance company will have their own rules. Some companies have separate ‘heritage’, ‘collectable’ or ‘vintage’ (pre-1930) categories.

Our knowledgeable team can discuss your individual car. We’ll see if it counts as a classic and try to find the best deal before giving you a classic car insurance quote over the phone.

What is Classic Car Insurance?

Classic, Cherished or Collector Car Insurance policies provide specialist cover and sometimes extra benefits for your cherished car. Typically it provides protection for valuable and old cars that aren’t your daily drive; they may even be unusual or imports. Insurance that provides adequate protection is vital so it’s often worth ensuring that you find a policy with ‘agreed value’ wording. If the worst happens and your cherished car is written off, you can get the value you agreed with the insurer in a claim, rather than the market price for a vehicle of a similar age.

I’m a car club member; can I get Classic Car Insurance?

Absolutely. We welcome car club and forum members because enthusiasts tend to be careful drivers who lavish attention on their cherished cars.

Is Classic Car Insurance cheaper?

It can be, yes. Older cars are often simpler, heavier, slower. As such, they are less at risk of a claim. As a rule, classic car drivers are more cautious, drive fewer miles, shorter distances, at quieter times and in fairer weather all of which minimises risk. Classic car policies may also have limited mileage, which can make the premiums competitive as well.

Are there any restrictions with Cherished Car Insurance?

There may be. For instance, modifications may affect a car’s ‘classic’ status, so it’s important to declare this when getting a quote. Some insurers will have driver age and mileage limits too. Track days or racing may not be covered, depending on the insurer. In addition, for insurance purposes, a classic car can’t be your everyday vehicle and should benefit from offroad and/or garage parking. An independent insurance broker can help to ensure you have the right policy for your cherished vehicle.

Can you arrange Kit Car Insurance?

Yes, we can arrange replica car and kit car insurance. Our experienced team of car insurance brokers is able to tailor a policy to you and your car. 

We can even provide:

  • Salvage options: get your vehicle or its parts back after a write-off event.
  • Agreed value: receive a set amount in the event of a claim.
  • Spare parts: protect any spare parts you may have against theft, loss or damage.
  • Limited mileage car insurance: discounts may be available if you don’t drive the vehicle often.

Either request a quote online, or call us on 0800 917 2274.

Can you arrange Collector Car Insurance?

Yes we can! Collector Car Insurance is an ideal option if you are a true enthusiast and want to insure all of your prized vehicles under one policy. It is particularly suited to those who have at least one classic or specialist vehicle alongside a collection of other classic or modern cars, motorcycles or commercial vehicles. 

If you don’t have any specialist or classic cars in your collection, then Collector Car Insurance may not be for you.

The benefit of a Collector Car Insurance policy is that you have just one set of policy documents and one renewal date for all of your beloved vehicles. Each car under the policy will also accrue its own no claims bonus. 

To find out if Collector Car Insurance is right for you, get in touch with our experienced team.

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