Modified Car Insurance

Insurance for modified cars gives the same cover as regular insurance policies, but it also ensures that the extra modifications you’ve invested time and money into are covered.

Here at Chris Knott Insurance, we appreciate the care and attention you’ve put into modifying your car. Whether your modified vehicle has had its performance or aesthetics enhanced (or both), we want to make sure you get great value Modified Car Insurance every time.

When you insure your car with us, you can be sure of:

  • Highly competitive premiums for Modified Car Insurance
  • A knowledgeable and experienced team who understand car modifications
  • A personal service and impartial advice from our UK-based staff
  • A choice of policies and insurers
  • Exclusive discounts for car club and forum members
  • The option to use your preferred local repairer

Have used this company many times over the years for my high performance/modified cars and have usually beaten my cheapest quote from elsewhere. They answer the phone quickly and emails are usually not much longer to get responded to. No complaints from me.

A Khan, TrustPilot

Modified Car Insurance FAQs

What is Mod Insurance?

Modified Car Insurance is specialised insurance for cars that have had their appearance or performance altered in some way. 

This could be a significant change, such as a body kit or car spoiler being fitted, or a simple addition of stickers.

Depending on the type of modification you have, it could make your car more risky to insure. When evaluating the risk of your vehicle, insurers will weigh up whether the modification increases your car’s risk of theft, if it affects the possibility of an accident occurring, and if it changes the value of your car.

Because of this, some insurers will not cover a modified vehicle. In these cases, you may need Modified Car Insurance instead.

What does Modified Car Insurance cover?

Car Insurance for modified cars gives the same cover as regular insurance policies, but it also ensures that the extra modifications you’ve invested time and money into are covered.

The best insurance for modified cars depends on the type of cover you are looking for. You can choose fully comprehensive or third party, fire and theft cover. There’s also the option to add extras, such as Breakdown Cover and Excess Protection too, just like with a regular policy.

What counts as a modification?

From changing the paintwork and adding alloy wheels, to roof racks and engine upgrades, there are a whole host of things that can count – in an insurer’s eyes – as modifications. 

If your car has been changed from the original manufacturer’s standard in any way to make it look, feel, or drive differently, then it’s classed as a modification. If you’ve amended the engine, exhaust, suspension or brakes, you should let your insurer know right away. But it’s also wise to inform them of changes to less obvious things, such as an improved entertainment system or security immobilisers.

Modifications can typically be divided into two classes: performance and aesthetic.

Common performance modifications include:

  • Drilled discs or carbon-ceramic discs
  • Exhaust turbos or filters
  • Lowered suspension
  • Alloy wheels
  • ECU chip changes or additions

Aesthetic modifications include:

  • Tinted windows
  • Changes to paintwork
  • Subwoofers
  • Customisations to the dashboard
  • DVD players
  • Body kit additions
  • Reupholstery
  • Wheel accessories

You can find out more about different types of car modification in our article.

Are any modifications not covered?

All modifications must be legal for them to be covered by Modified Car Insurance. For example, you cannot have neon lights or stretched tyres, and it’s illegal to wrap the headlights and taillights in a smoked tint if it obscures the light.

Other illegal changes include:

  • Very loud exhausts which can be considered as a nuisance to the public (74 decibels or higher).
  • Subwoofers that are again considered ‘too loud’.
  • A car spoiler that interferes with the view of the driver or has very sharp edges.
  • Suspension that is lowered to the extent that your headlights are able to dazzle other drivers.
  • Changes to the colour of your headlights or rear lights.
  • The addition of flashing lights.

You can find out more in our detailed article on car modifications.

What modifications affect insurance?

Both aesthetic and performance car modifications can affect Car Insurance. 

Here are just a few examples:

  • Car body kits
  • Air spring suspension kits
  • Alloy wheels
  • Car spoilers
  • Roll cages
  • ECU remapping

Even small changes, such as adding stickers, can lead to a change in your Car Insurance premium. You can talk to our experienced team to find out if your planned modification will affect your insurance.

Are there car modifications that don’t affect insurance?

Yes, you may find that car modifications that improve the safety or security of your vehicle won’t have a negative impact on your Car Insurance.

These modifications could include:

  • Improved brakes
  • Immobilisers
  • Parking sensors
  • Tracking devices
  • Car alarms

If you’re unsure about whether your planned car modification could affect your Car Insurance costs, talk to our team today.

Do body kits affect insurance?

Yes, body kits will affect insurance. This is because they replace the stock components on your car, which can alter its appearance, performance or both.

These changes could potentially make your vehicle more appealing to thieves, and some insurers may view your modified car as being at a higher risk of being involved in an accident. As a result, adding a body kit is likely to affect the cost of your Car Insurance premium.

If you’re thinking of adding a body kit to your second car, get in touch with our friendly team. Our knowledge of car modifications and special insurer relationships mean we can help you to find the right price for your modded car.

Does adding a spoiler increase insurance?

A car rear spoiler is likely to affect the cost of your insurance. This is because spoilers on cars alter both the appearance and performance of a vehicle. Like other significant car modifications, car spoilers can be viewed as increasing your risk of accidents and car theft. They can also alter the value of your vehicle, which means damage will be more expensive to repair or replace.

To get an accurate quote for your Modified Car Insurance, make sure you speak to our knowledgeable team.

Does ECU remapping affect insurance?

Yes, ECU remapping will affect your insurance.

This is because it ‘tunes up’ your engine, and therefore the performance of your car. This may then increase the cost of your Car Insurance.

To get the right price for your ecu remap insurance, contact our helpful team.

Can lowered suspension affect Car Insurance?

Yes, lowering your suspension can affect the price of your Car Insurance.

This is because lowering your car can increase the risk of damage when you go over speed bumps or have to drive over a poor or uneven surface. Lowered suspension Car Insurance may therefore be higher as a result. 

Please note: there isn’t an exact legal limit for how low you can make your suspension. However, it must not be lowered to the extent that it affects your steering or your headlights. Failing to do this means that you could end up on the wrong side of the law.

Is temporary Modified Car Insurance available?

Temporary Modified Car Insurance is not typically available as a standalone policy. However, if you already have cover with us, it may be possible to add a temporary vehicle to it (Ts & Cs will apply).

Can you arrange Modified Car Insurance for under 21s?

Young drivers are perceived as being higher risk by insurers, which often affects the cost of their premiums and the cover they have access to. Because of this, our policies have a minimum age limit of 21.

Can I get cheap Modified Car Insurance?

Shopping around is always a good idea when it comes to buying any kind of insurance. Ultimately, you get what you pay for. The key thing is to ensure that you have the right level of cover in place. If you buy more than you need to, you could be spending extra on cover that is unnecessary. Equally, if you opt for cheaper cover and it doesn’t fully cover your modifications, you could have issues if you need to make a claim.

When weighing up the cost of your Modified Car Insurance, it is also a good idea to evaluate the insurer’s level of service (by looking at sites such as TrustPilot for example) and what their fees are.

 To make sure you have the right level of cover for your modified car, you can talk your alterations through with our experienced team.

Is Modified Car Insurance UK suitable for Japanese imports?

Yes. We have access to UK insurers who will cover Japanese imports, even if they are modified. Simply get in touch with us to find out more.

To make sure you have the right level of cover for your modified car, you can talk your alterations through with our experienced team.

Is it hard to insure a modified car?

Provided your car modification is legal, it is perfectly possible to get Mod Insurance. Here at Chris Knott, we have a knowledgeable and experienced team who understand the world of car modification and modified cars’ value. This means we can accurately assess the right level of cover for your prized vehicle.

This includes more significant modifications, such as body kits, alloy wheels, engine upgrades and car spoilers, provided they are on your second car. Talk to us today to find out more. 

How is the value of a modified car worked out?

Modifying your car can have an impact on its value and can often increase it. Because there are so many different modifications that can be made, it can be complicated to work out how much a modified car is now worth. 

For this reason, many insurers will offer an agreed value policy. This means that both you and the insurer will agree on a value, which is what they will pay out should your car be written off. 

If you want to talk to a knowledgeable team member about the value of your modified car and the insurance you will need to cover it, please feel free to get in touch with us.

How can I keep down the cost of Mod Insurance?

Some car modifications won’t have any impact on your Modified Car Insurance premium, but others can make it more expensive.

To keep down costs, you may like to think about joining a car owners club or forum. We can often arrange preferential rates for car enthusiasts who are part of a club, plus you get the opportunity to meet like-minded individuals.

Keeping your modified car in a garage can also help to keep the cost down a little.


Can I use my own repairer for my modified car?

At Chris Knott, we know that car lovers won’t just let anyone fix their pride and joy. All insurance companies have access to a large network of approved repairers, but you may also be able to request the use of your own. If this is something you’d like to try to do, make sure you discuss this with us when you make a claim.

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