Excess Protection Insurance

With Chris Knott’s Motor Excess Protection Insurance you’ll get your policy excess back following a motor claim, even if you’re at fault.

Excess Protection Insurance

If your vehicle is damaged, written off or stolen you may be required to pay your motor policy’s combined excesses – an expense you could probably do without at such a stressful time.

Instead of losing that money (this usually occurs if you are at fault or partially at fault), if you have Chris Knott’s Motor Excess Protector in place you’ll be reimbursed the full excess amount up to £1000. You’ll even receive repayment if you’re not at fault but your excess is not recovered from the third party’s insurer within 6 months of the incident.

Benefits of Excess Protection Insurance

  • Cover for your Compulsory & Voluntary Excess up to £1000.
  • Affordable cover from just £25 per vehicle’s policy excess covered = great value for money.
  • Risk-free 14-day Money Back Guarantee after purchase.
  • Recover your excess even if you’re at fault or partially at fault.
  • Speedy reimbursement if there’s a delay of 6 months or more in recovering your excess from an at fault third party.
  • Suitable for motor policies on vehicles upto 44 metric tonnes fully-laden.
  • 12 months’ cover to protect your pocket from unexpected expense.

RESTRICTIONS: Cover is not available for damage or incidents already known about by the policyholder at the time of inception. This cover does not provide any benefit against a Windscreen Excess or any Young Driver Excess listed in your policy. The cost of your motor claim must exceed the Total Excess paid by you in order for a Motor Excess Protector claim to be valid.

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