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Black Box Insurance

Put your driving to the test and install a tracker to earn discounts for driving safely.

Black Box Insurance operates on the basis that safer drivers deserve lower premiums. It works by linking an app to a small device fitted to your car, allowing smart technology to track and incentivise safe driving. This means that young people can access a personalised premium with extra discounts tailored to their driving behaviour.

Ideal for:

  • Learners and full licence holders (there is no price increase on passing your test)
  • Insuring a young person as the main driver
  • Driving without curfews
  • Comprehensive cover

Not suitable for:

  • Short-term cover
  • Being insured on a parent’s car
  • Commercial vehicles

Find out more about Black Box Insurance.

Named Young Driver Insurance

Flexible and affordable Car Insurance on a parent’s car.

If you’re doing less than 50% of the mileage on a car that someone else is already insuring, this could be the policy for you. Annual named young driver insurance is especially brilliant for learners as it gives comprehensive protection to the learner as well as the person supervising in the event that they need to take the wheel.

Ideal for:

  • Young drivers aged 17-27 who have use of their parents’ or grandparents’ car
  • Earning your own No Claims Discount
  • Learners or full licence holders (there is no price increase on passing your test)

Not suitable for:

  • Vans or commercial vehicles
  • Young drivers insuring their own cars
  • Cars over £30,000 or beyond insurance group 32

Find out more about Named Young Driver Insurance.

Student Car Insurance

Weekly insurance designed exclusively for students.

As a student, it might not be worthwhile paying for an annual policy that you won’t be able to use for a large part of the year. Instead, a weekly student driver package may be a better option. You can cover a friend or family member’s car on a week-by-week basis, giving you comprehensive cover while protecting their No Claims Discount.

Ideal for:

  • Students in boarding school or higher education
  • Full licence holders
  • Drivers age 18-27
  • Insurance for 1-6 weeks at a time

Not suitable for:

  • Learner drivers
  • Students wanting to insure their own car

Find out more about Student Car Insurance.

Pay As You Go Insurance

Pay for the mileage you actually use!

If your mileage is likely to be less than 3,500 per year or you’re not driving regularly, Pay as You Go Car Insurance could save you money! Smart tech allows new and learner drivers to pay by the mile for their insurance. Simply use the app to track and top-up mileage and get tailored tips and tricks for safer driving based on your personal driving style.

Ideal for:

  • Use on your own car or on a parent’s car
  • People expecting to do lower mileage
  • Full and provisional licence holders age 17-27

Not suitable for:

  • Commercial vehicles
  • Cars over £30,000

Find out more about Pay As You Go Insurance.

Learner Driver

Learner driver cover that helps you practise in a friend or family member’s car without affecting their No Claims Discount.

Practice makes perfect, so having flexible cover that protects you and the people helping you learn to drive can be invaluable. Everyone learns at a different rate so this policy offers day-by-day flexibility, offering between 30-240 days of cover to take you from your first lesson to acing your test.

Ideal for:

  • Learner drivers age 17-34
  • For use with a family member or friend’s car
  • Practising with maximum flexibility

Not suitable for:

  • Insuring the your own car
  • Cover which continues after passing your test (though you will get 10% discount on your new policy)
  • Commercial vehicles

Find out more about Learner Driver Insurance.

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