Non-Standard Home Insurance

Protect the fabric & contents of your special home

Non-Standard Home insurance is designed for homes that are a little bit special. Whether your home is listed, in a converted factory, or made of more experimental materials for environmental benefits, Non-Standard Home Insurance can be tailored to meet its unique risks.

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    Non-Standard Home Insurance FAQs

    What is Non-Standard Home Insurance?

    Homes in converted buildings, made of unusual materials or used as a holiday getaway can all be considered as ‘non-standard’. This is because they are different to the general norm and can be open to increased risk, or more complex risks. As a result, the protection of regular Home Insurance will probably fall a little short if the unexpected was to happen and you needed to make a claim.

    Non-Standard Home Insurance steps in to fill this gap with cover that is specifically tailored to the needs of your unique property.

    What does Non-Standard home construction mean?

    When we refer to ‘non-standard home construction’ we are generally talking about homes that are built a little different to the norm.

    ‘Normal’ or standard construction usually means that a property has been built from brick or stone and has a pitched roof covered with slate or tiles.

    Any home that doesn’t fit this description could be considered ‘non-standard’. This could be the case if your home is built using straw insulation or is pre-fabricated, for example. Converted properties may also qualify; if you live in a converted church or school, chances are that you will need Non-Standard Home Insurance.

    Does my home need Non-Standard Home Insurance?

    There is no legal obligation for you to get Non-Standard Home Insurance for your property – but this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t consider it.

    Regular Home Insurance may not give you enough financial protection if your home is a little different. For instance, if it has a thatched roof, has a steel construction or is rented out on AirBnB. These examples all make a home ‘non-standard’ and could lead to your home being exposed to greater or more complex risks. Your rebuild value, and the value of your contents, could also be higher, which regular Home Insurance may not extend to cover.

    It should also be remembered that homes under probate, which are left unoccupied or are being renovated may not be adequately covered by normal Home Insurance.

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    What does insurance for non-standard construction houses cover?

    Non-Standard Home Insurance will cover both your building and your contents for insurable events such as flood, fire and theft.

    But unlike standard Home Insurance, your cover will provide more tailored protection that takes into consideration the unique aspects of your property, such as unusual construction materials or methods, its use as a holiday home or listed status. This could mean that your cover allows for a higher rebuild cost or provides additional protection for heightened fire risks.

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    How much does Non-Standard Home Insurance cost?

    The cost of insurance for non-standard construction houses is based on a number of factors, including:

    • The age of your property and if it has listed status
    • The construction materials
    • Your local environment and crime rates
    • Your current fire and security measures
    • The rebuild cost and the value of your contents
    • Whether your property is occupied and how it is used
    • If you want annexes, outbuildings or any other attached structures included.

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