High Value Home Insurance

Personalised and specialised cover for your unique home and possessions

High Value Home Insurance provides additional reassurance and cover for unique homes and valuable possessions.

With almost 30 years’ of experience, Chris Knott Insurance can provide protection that is specifically tailored to your home and contents, with specialist cover offered for jewellery, fine art, antiques, fine wine, and rare and collectable items. In addition to highly trained client managers who offer personal attention and ongoing support, we can provide guidance on valuations as well as a free and independent insurance review. This will accurately assess the type and level of cover you need, giving you confidence that your high-value home and possessions have the right protection.

Key benefits of choosing CKI

  • Specialised expertise from highly trained client managers
  • A free and independent insurance review to assess the type and level of cover needed
  • Specialist cover for individual items or collections
  • A dedicated contact for all of your queries
  • Valuation guidance and home security advice
  • First-class service that exceeds your expectations
  • Quick and efficient assistance with claims
  • Ongoing support throughout your time with us

Chris Knott Insurance provide excellent service and are very helpful. They could give information and services when other companies couldn’t. We have been using their services for many years for insurance of both cars and home and property.

Mrs Elsa M Richter

High Value Home Insurance FAQs

What is High Net Worth Home Insurance?

High Net Worth Home Insurance is a specialist insurance tailored to the unique needs of your home and its possessions. If your home is particularly valuable, listed or made out of nonstandard materials, High Value Home Insurance can provide you with personalised cover that addresses the additional risks associated with repairing, replacing or rebuilding your home if the worst should happen. Home Insurance for high value homes will also offer extended, or even unlimited, cover for valuable possessions or collections. This could include antiques, fine art, jewellery or highspec computer and gaming equipment.

Do I need High Value Home Insurance?

You may need High Value Home Insurance if:
  • Your home is listed or features nonstandard building materials
  • Has more than 5 bedrooms
  • You have highvalue possessions, such as artwork, instruments, highspec computers or jewellery.

This is because the cost of repairing, replacing or rebuilding these homes is likely to be too high for a standard Home Insurance policy. For instance, English Heritage may insist upon period materials and craftsmanship being used, which will add to the expense of repairing your home. And if you have valuable possessions, regular Home Insurance limits may be too small for each individual item. If your possessions are damaged, stolen or lost, this could mean that you do not have the cover to replace or repair them.

What does High Value Home Contents Insurance cover?

High Value Home Contents Insurance covers:

  • Carpets
  • Televisions and entertainment equipment such as game consoles
  • Highspec computers and gadgets
  • Furniture
  • Artwork
  • Books
  • Instruments
  • Valuables

When it comes to your valuables, Chris Knott Insurance can arrange specialist cover for the following, which can be either individual items or complete collections, to give you complete peace of mind:

  • Jewellery
  • Fine art
  • Antiques
  • Fine wine
  • Rare or collectable items

What does High Value Home Buildings Insurance cover?

High Value Home Buildings Insurance will cover the cost of repairing, replacing or rebuilding your home, but unlike standard cover, it will provide higher limits or even unlimited cover.

This is because high net worth homes are very likely to have higher rebuild or repair costs. You may need to use specialist materials or expert craftsmanship, for example, which will drive up the cost of building work.

For this reason, it is very important that you accurately estimate the cost of rebuilding your home. High value homes are more likely to be listed, involve nonstandard building materials, or have period features. This could make your rebuild cost more expensive than its market value.

To help you, we can offer valuation guidance via our network of trusted experts. To find out more, speak to a member of our private clients team.

How much does Home Insurance for high value homes cost?

Home Insurance for high value homes requires personalised policies that are tailored to your home and your possessions and valuables. The cost of High Net Worth Home Insurance therefore depends on:
  • The value of your home
  • Its building materials and construction methods
  • Whether your home is listed
  • Its fixtures and fittings
  • Your security measures
  • The number, value and type of possessions
To understand the type and level of cover needed, you can speak to a High Value Home Insurance broker here at Chris Knott. Simply call our private clients number on 01424 205068 and we can assess your individual needs.

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